Monday, November 21, 2016

The Ace of Hearts

Skin finds its sister
under a new layer of lies
self inducted, inflicted outwards
bypassed blade digging deeper

Fire without flame
burning wounds without closure
scarring through with needleless cure
rotting within the loving midnight kiss

Walking in the dark during daylight
thinking the shadows shall protect him from you
feeling free in his silence, far from your noise
unaware of the snake slithering under his pillow

He feels his love is the only key
while his chain unfolds around its nails round his neck
choking his beautiful words beyond his rootless tongue
pushing its fist down his last narrow futile hopes

Feeling no different from a lost scorpion 
struggling to escape from the circle of blazing fear
his venom, his only door out of hell
his biggest strength, his suicide pen

The fool hangs upside down all the time
thinking his logic keeps his sanity up
his blood drowns in his downward madness
while you all laugh at his misfortune

I damn you all, creatures with no aim
an army of ants without feet
swarming your way with the weight of gravity
thou shallt perish, forgotten

History will probably forget the fools too
the hanged ones, the burnt souls left on the stake
the vilified spirit that fought hard until the very end
lifting the name of mankind over the thick vastness of waste