Friday, April 8, 2016

Saving my hell from its prey

Gravity promptly saves
the faces of hate in the rain
my flames drenched with this pain
swallowed by their soaking, filthy density

I bleed the dreams of the other me
I cry the nights that were covered
under fake rivers of vain laughter
and thus I was left ashamed in the darkness

Now they seem to react to my neglected act
screaming and fencing me in my corner
forcing the sudden tears, after long years of dust
endlessly crippling the blood in its flow

I resist to name the new wave of pain
shutting my throat from the depths of my lungs
sewing the sound to its weakened chords
drying up my saliva with the breaths of fear

Make me see again
force them out of this endless sea
bereaving me in the shame
knee deep into my shadow

It´s gone
it vanished
they are free